Summary of the study “Cultural Consumption and Participation of Latvian Population in Cultural Activities 2007-2014” in English (pdf).


Culturelab is an independent, non-governmental organization, founded in 2005 in Latvia.

Culturelab is aiming to promote an individual and community development through arts and cultural activities, creative and innovative use of cultural resources – both physical assets as well opportunities in cultural engagement.

Culturelab operates as a catalyst, building platforms and giving tools to cultural organizations and public authorities in following areas:

  • Urban renewal and revitalization,
  • Arts and positive change in communities, building community identity,
  • Culture as economic engine for local development,
  • Personal social development through arts and culture,
  • Cultural diversity and cooperation for sustainable development.

Culturelab activities include:

  • research,
  • initiation of innovative projects,
  • building partnerships,
  • consulting,
  • training,
  • evaluation.

Culturelab uses an interdisciplinary approach, cooperating with observatories and think-tanks of other domains, researching society‘s development.

Culturelab highly values exchange of an expertise with its international partners to deliver better solutions, created in culturally diverse environment.


L.Paegles 2D-26, Cesis, LV-4101, Latvia

Tel. +371 26011102